Smart Pro is top-of-the-line among NERIS hybrid kayaks. The series features rigid frame and streamlined asymmetrical curves combined with quick assembly, compact packing and transportation. Fast, roomy and safe Smart Pro are ideal for long sea and river expeditions.

Amateur competitions, weekend trips, extreme camping trips and long expeditions in coastal sea and ocean areas? NERIS Smart Pro is ready to any challenges! Fast, steady and safe, easy to assemble and transport, thought out to the last detail and comfortable expedition hybrid kayak is a marvellous opportunity to see the world around you from a new perspective.

NERIS Smart Pro line of hybrid folding kayaks combine some elements of an inflatable kayaks with a light weight frame apparatus which defines it in a class of its own. Meticulous design, quality workmanship and manufacturing standards on par with that of the USA and Europe. The Smart Pro series kayak design combines inflatable gunnels/side walls  and a fully-supportive frame (keel bar, cross ribs and washboard).

The series features streamlined asymmetrical curves. Smart Pro kayaks differ from the Smart line with additional frame supports around the cockpit area designed to increase rigidity and enable an array of useful attachments. The Smart Pro has proven to be a tough , high performing kayak. Capacity to take on rough seas, sail in high winds, preforming its seaworthiness in rough conditions. These features may prove crucial crucial for using the kayak in a true expedition role- long-distance routes in the coastal sea and ocean areas in any parts of the globe.

Smart Pro kayaks are lightweight and compact, they are packed into one rucksack and can be transported in a plane as ordinary baggage. A Smart Pro can be easily assembled by a single person in only fifteen minutes even if they assemble the kayak for the first time.

The frame makes the kayak rigid with no flex and slices through the water effortlessly , on a par with the best hard-shell models and superior to other folding and inflatable kayaks.

The possibility to mount a spray deck, steering system and sail rig makes the kayak extremely functional and universal. Whether you are in the ocean surf or a turbulent river, in icy cold or blazing hot conditions the Smart Pro is tried and tested.

Special dry bags have been designed for the Smart Pro kayaks, for the bow and stern storage compartments.. The boats high load capacity of 400 lbs. ensures that whatever you think you might not want to be without while on a exploration, you will not have to worry gain without.

The Smart Pro kayak line is represented by two models, a double-seater Smart Pro and a single seater Smart Pro S.