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Smart Pro is top-of-the-line among NERIS hybrid kayaks. The series features rigid frame and streamlined asymmetrical curves combined with quick assembly, compact packing and transportation. Fast, roomy and safe, Smart Pro is ideal for casual day-trips, ocean, river expeditions alike.

Smart Pro Double
Smart Pro Single

Smart Pro kayaks are lightweight and compact, they are packed into one rucksack and can be transported in a plane as ordinary baggage. A Smart Pro can be easily assembled by a single person in only fifteen minutes even if they assemble the kayak for the first time.

The frame makes the kayak rigid with no flex and slices through the water effortlessly , on a par with the best hard-shell models and superior to other folding and inflatable kayaks.

The possibility to mount a spray deck, steering system and sail rig makes the kayak extremely functional and universal. Whether you are in the ocean surf or a turbulent river, in icy cold or blazing hot conditions the Smart Pro is tried and tested.

Special dry bags have been designed for the Smart Pro kayaks, for the bow and stern storage compartments.. The boats high load capacity of 400 lbs. ensures that whatever you think you might not want to be without while on a exploration, you will not have to worry gain without.

The Smart Pro line features two models, a double-seater Smart Pro D and a single seater Smart Pro S.

What maintenance is recommended ?2019-06-17T20:47:56+00:00

The hull/skin can be ‘cleaned’ with 303 Aerospace Protectant:  – follow directions on the bottle.
The surfaces of the Duralumin tubes that slide into each other should be coated periodically with Boeshield:

  Always dry your SMART Pro prior storage and store in a cool dry area off any floor.

How long have Neris been in business?2019-06-17T20:48:22+00:00

Neris have been manufacturing similar products since 1999 and specifically kayaks since 2004.

Are the kayaks suitable for extended trips and expeditions?2019-06-17T20:48:55+00:00

Yes – During February 2019 SMART Pro  kayaks made a trip along the Andaman coast of Thailand. Totally about 400 km in 21 paddle days, tropical sun, 98 F, high salinity, wind, waves and currents.

Is there additional protection on the hull?2019-06-17T20:49:23+00:00

Profiled rubber protector keel strips are adhered to the bow and stern areas that could be susceptible to additional wear and damage.

What is the preferred paddle for the SMART Pro kayaks?2019-06-17T20:50:13+00:00

Paddle selection can be a personal choice. We can supply a variety of top quality paddles from two brands – Bending Branches and Aquabound. For the SMART line we recommend and stock the ABX11 Sting Ray 240 cm, this 4- piece fiberglass paddle allows for easy packing and transport.

Is a rudder necessary on the SMART Pro kayaks?2019-06-17T20:50:41+00:00

All the SMART kayaks are supplied with a Rudder System.

Can the SMART Single be used as a two person kayak?2019-06-17T20:51:33+00:00

Yes – However the load capacity must be taken into account and an additional seat will need to be purchased.

How do I keep my gear dry?2019-06-17T20:51:59+00:00

An easy to attach and remove Spray Deck with cockpit openings and spray skirts is available – the Expedition models are supplied with the Spray Deck. The Deck on the 2 person SMART Pro also has an access hatch with a cover. Custom fitted Dry Bags are available.

What type of seats are included?2019-06-17T20:52:42+00:00

The kayaks are equipped with inflatable seats. The seats attached with straps to the frame of the kayak with the possibility to adjust the position and the angle of the backrest.

From what materials are the kayaks constructed?2019-06-17T20:53:23+00:00

The hull/skin is made of marine grade PVC fabric with material density 900 g/m2 for the hull and 620 g/m2 for the deck. Only the highest quality fabrics, by Mehler Germany, are used in production.
The frame is manufactured from  anodized Duralumin tube of D16T grade (DIN 2024)  This alloy grade is used in the aerospace industry and has high durability, lightness and elastic resilience.

What is a Hybrid Folding Kayak?2019-06-17T20:53:46+00:00

By combining the best features of a folding framed and inflatable kayak  Neris has designed and produced the SMART Pro line of  high performance ‘hybrid’ folding kayaks.

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