The Neris SMART line is the worlds first and premiere hybrid folding kayak.

Neris SMART Pro and SMART  represent years of design in a state-of-the-art European design house with testing in conditions from tropical heat to frozen oceans and lakes. Manufacturing and assembly is done in an adjacent factory that boasts some of the latest equipment, technologies and materials available.

The result is a hybrid folding kayak that will preform beyond expectation even in the most extreme conditions. The use of high-grade material from HEYtex, Germany means reliability, durability and a long lifespan. The sheer simplicity to assemble and the ability to go from packed to assembled in just 20 min or less with zero hassle is hard not to love.

Whether packing in the trunk of your car or RV or checking your SMART as standard luggage on your next flight, the ability to easily fit your kayak in just 1 bag makes it a must have for all paddlers itching to embark on their next paddling adventure anywhere without limits!